Este Blog destina-se a trocar ideias relativas à Gestão de Risco e a Previsões de Evolução dos Mercados Financeiros
This Blog is intended to exchange ideas related with Financial Markets Risk Management and Forecasts
Este Blog está destinado a intercambiar ideas relativas a la Gestion de Riesgos y Previsiónes de Tendencias en los Mercados Financieros
このブログは、リスクマネジメントおよび金融市場動向に関する意見交換の場を設けることを目 的としています


Previsão - Forecast / 07-Mai-2010

Esta semana fiz uma renovação do visual do Blog e aproveitei para o organizar prevendo a sua evolução futura. Está agora dividido em duas páginas, uma para a publicação dos estudos e outra para explicação das metodologias. Não deixe de consultar ambas! Alerto que a metodologia é tanto mais fiável quanto mais for falhando, pois o processo aprende com os erros e auto corrige-se!
À semelhança da semana anterior, fiz outra super publicação, desta vez com 10 títulos: S&P, DAX, IBEX, Coca-Cola, Sonae Indústria, Galp Energia, Petróleo, Gás Natural, EURUSD e GBPUSD.
Veja as mensagens abaixo e boa semana.
This week I renewed the look of the Blog and decided to organize that considering its future evolution. It’s now divided into two pages, one for studies publication and another one for methodologies explanations. Be sure to check both!
I warn that the methodology is much more reliable as often is failing, because the process learns with the mistakes and self corrects itself!
As the previous week, I made another super publication, this time with 10 titles: S&P, DAX, IBEX, Coca-Cola, Sonae Indústria, Galp Energia, Petróleo, Gás Natural, EURUSD e GBPUSD.
See messages below and have a nice week.
Esta semana he hecho una renovada de lo Blog y decidió lo organizar predecindo su evolución futura. Ahora está dividido en dos paginas, una para la publicación de estudios y una otra para la explicación de la metodología. Asegúrese de mirar las dos!
Tenga en cuenta que la metodología es mucho más fiable cuanto más for fallando, porque el proceso aprende de los errores y se auto corrige!
Al igual que la semana anterior, hice otra publicación super, esta vez con 10 títulos: S&P, DAX, IBEX, Coca-Cola, Sonae Indústria, Galp Energia, Petróleo, Gás Natural, EURUSD e GBPUSD.
Veja los mensajes de abajo y tenga una buena semana.

2 comentários:

  1. Hi Manuel, great job with this blog. Looks like you've been keeping busy. The market has surely kept us busy with the volatility. Interesting to see where it takes us. I'll check back.

  2. Hi Anthony,
    Tks for your words and support.
    In fact those times aren’t good for hearts! With that volatility we are always running against the time.
    Answering your old question on FB about what products I’m used to negotiate, I can tell you that I regularly trade my own small portfolio with CFD’s and Futures for Indexes (S&P & DAX), Stocks from US and Portugal, Forex EURUSD and mainly Futures for Crude Oil and Natural Gas.
    My strategy is to hedge in right proportions those products to decrease Risk. Now I’m using Hedging Correlations and ARCH Forecasting. It is also supported with Fibonnaci and Elliot Waves to define entries and exits. I trade for target periods from 1 to 2 months.
    For the future, I’m developing a Martingale modified by me strategy, mixed with my actual strategy. I’m testing that using historical data on different assets. I hope till the end of summer to have conditions to write a paper with a description and test results. Also, I’m studying Risk and Price Forecasting in the Iberian Electricity Markets for a MscD Thesis at the University, that I should present very soon.
    What about you? Can you tell us a bit about you and your strategies?
    By the way and for all, next Saturday night I’ll publish again new forecasts!
    I hope to hear from you and take care,
    Manuel Vieira da Costa